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Natasha here (yes, me for real, lol).  And I've got a wild announcement.  Well, not wild in the big scheme of things.  But wild for me, personally, since I'm actually doing one of the very things I've been dreaming of launching, yet talking myself out of doing for years.

Can you believe The YBF turns 18 next month?!?!?  I for damn sure can't. But I'm beyond grateful and thankful that it's true.  Throughout these almost two decades, we've expanded and grown in so many different directions that I never could foresee happening back when I first started this site in '05.

Despite all the amazing opportunities and growth we've had - from becoming an authority in the black pop culture space to launching a podcast & a Political vertical, becoming official partners with The White House across TWO different Administrations to TV spots to speaking on so many stages to international press trips to collaborating and partnering with huge brands who want to reach audiences like ours, etc. - there's something we have yet to do that you all make SURE to remind us about.

"Do y'all have merch? I want to have something that reps the brand!"

And trust me, it's been in the forefront of my mind for what feels like eons.  So, today, it's happening.  THE YBF SHOP has launched! And if you're reading the site, our original platform, you're the first in our audience to know!


From our favorite sayings (on the way in the upcoming Summer collection!) to the brand's signature names to items that simply rep the culture and brand, we've designed some minimalist, wear-with-anything items that are the perfect way to be Young, Black & Fabulous every day. Tees, hats, mugs, bags, stickers and more. It's def a vibe.  So check it out.



We've got a few collections waiting for you to grab, and LOTS more collections are on the way.  I have a feeling our Juneteenth inspired "Independence Day" Tees will catch your eye. And yes, we're rocking Juneteenth YEAR 'ROUND.



Since we know how many of y'all aren't here for celebrating the 4th, rocking our Juneteenth collection is the perfect answer for that. Plenty of colors & alternate versions available. FYI: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO POSSIBLY GET YOUR ITEMS BEFORE 4TH OF JULY!




Founder & CEO of Young, Black & Fabulous

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