1. Is The YBF Shop an official part of The YBF brand?
Yes! You'll also see links to The YBF Shop on TheYBF.com & our social platforms.
2. What is The YBF brand?
The Young, Black & Fabulous is a pioneer in black celebrity & pop culture news and has become a preeminent entertainment and lifestyle source for young black women and men. The YBF was created by Natasha Eubanks in 2005 to provide an insightful & credible look and fresh perspective at black culture that was desperately missing from the media landscape.
3. What is the Inner Circle?
Our loyalty & engagement program! Signing up for our e-mail list automatically gets you in, and you will receive exclusive offers & sales, giveaways, exclusive news, exclusive previews of new collections, and more.
4. Do I have to pay for The YBF Shop's Inner Circle?
Absolutely not! Your participation in our loyalty program is all we'd love from you. Simply subscribe to our email list and/or create an account to join.


5. What's your return policy?

Contacting us first before initiating any return is imperative.  If you initiate a return before contacting us, your costs and/or situation run the risk of not being reconciled.  Due to the print-on-demand nature of our items, we only consider returns for defective merchandise.  Get our full return policy HERE!

6. Will you re-post me if I share my new purchases?
We can't wait to share our favorite posts from you! Tag us @theybf_daily on IG & Tiktok.  Be sure to use #MyYBF.
7. How can I contact you?
Send us an e-mail at shop@theybf.com or send us a chat on the homepage.
8. Can I attach a custom message to my gift card purchase?
YES! At checkout, you will see a box prompting you to enter a special/custom message for recipients if you've purchased a gift and/or gift card.
9. Why can't I see every type of payment option at checkout?
The payment methods displayed are specific to the browser and device you are using at checkout. If you are using, for example, a PC or Firefox, you will not see an option to checkout with Apple Pay, whereas you would if you were checking out on Safari on your iPhone.