The Letter I Sent My Friends & Family

We're one and a half months in, and the learning curve is still curving.  But I and Team YBF are pushing along in preparation of our next collection (*crosses fingers hoping that you love it!*). I'm beyond grateful to everyone that has been so supportive! Whether you made a purchase (or three), shared a link to the shop or sent me your feedback, I love you so much for that.

I sent a letter to my family & friends recently, opening up about my fears that kept me from finally getting this decade-long idea out of my head and into the world (as one of my friends put it). But I also shared my hopes for this new chapter as well. And now, I want to share it with you, the most bomb supporters in this media landscape. You can read it below:

Hey! Hope you're doing well & flourishing in your first days of the summer! 

For some reason, I always get a renewed sense of energy, passion, hope & creativity in the summertime - while most people feel that renewal at the top of the year or spring. So, it’s no surprise that I have a new venture launching that I want you to be one of the first to know about. You’re part of the group of people - many are Day 1’s - that I always want to divulge to first about what I’m up to. There’s a sense of trust and support (and realness!) that I know I will always have with you.  So this new e-commerce venture is no different!

I’ve always wanted a touch point for The YBF brand that involved bringing it to life in a real way for supporters, readers & followers of the brand. Think of it as merch+ (lol). With input from the amazing YBF team, family & friends, I’ve designed and curated wearables & lifestyle items (and soon, digital products!) that scream Fabulous & Culture.
Soon, I want to expand into an e-commerce platform that is a mix between brand merch and a marketplace carrying items from other brands that mesh with ours, and that our audience loves.

In addition to establishing an additional revenue stream in this very volatile news landscape, our new retail touch point will give us a way to expose the brand to an even larger audience.
With that said - 

THE YBF SHOP is live & launched! But before we start pushing it out to the masses, I wanted to give you the first look. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts (and help us spot any hiccups) before it’s pushed out to all of our platforms. CHECK IT OUT HERE! 

Yes, it’s something I’ve been talking about doing for YEARS (lol), but always shied away because I had zero experience in sales, marketing & retail. It’s an entirely different beast from the content world I have been wheeling’ & dealin’ in for the past almost 18 years. But I’m taking the leap, after MUCH self doubt, imposter syndrome and just flat out stress. Y’all know I hate a learning curve lol! And this has certainly been beyond that lol!

The Shop will continue to grow more and more even post launch - from a dedicated blog page to 1-2 new collections releasing monthly to various E-book launches and more. Some of the next collections dropping soon will be BACK TO SCHOOL, CHASING SUMMER, WEDDING SZN, YBF HOME, FALL & plenty more.

So, take a dive into The YBF Shop, grab the items you love, test out the features, and have fun doing so! 

Thank you SO much for all your support - past, present and future. I and this brand most definitely wouldn’t still be here - 17 years and counting - without it.

My fellow perfectionists & imposter syndrome fighters will definitely feel me. And I hope this launch gives you the push you need to take that leap for yourself that you've been making every good excuse to not take. I OVERstand. But Beyoncé didn't write "Freedom" for nothing.  Winners never quit on themselves.  So we're going to do it (scared) anyway. Let's get it!
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